What to do after a car accident

Even the best driver can get into an accident. Here’s a step by step reminder on what you should do when you get involved into a car crash.

Step One

If anyone’s injured, call 911. Move the vehicles off the road if it’s safe to do so. Avoid discussing who’s at fault for the vehicle collision.

Step two

Get details. Record the following for all the vehicles and drivers involved in the accident:

• Driver’s name, driver’s licence no., province/state and contact info
• Licence plate and year, make and model of vehicle
• Insurance details if the vehicle isn’t from B.C.
• You may also need to provide this information to the police.

Step three

See if there were any witnesses. Record their names and contact info.

Step four

Describe the crash scene (if possible take photos):
• What was the time, date and weather conditions?
• Where did the accident happened?
• What direction were you both travelling?
• Where was your vehicle and what lane were you using?
• Where was the other vehicle?

Step five

Dial-a-Claim staff at ICBC are there to help you 24/7:
604-520-8222 in the Lower Mainland
1-800-910-4222 anywhere in Canada or the U.S.
Translation services available.

Crash Scene Details

• Date time
• Location
• Weather and road conditions

Other vehicle(s)

• Year make model
• Licence plate no. driver’s licence no.
• Driver’s name telephone
• Other insurance company and policy no. (if not ICBC)