Graphics & Decals

courtesy vehicle graphics and decalsNo matter the quantity or make or model of your vehicles, our design team can design vehicle graphics and decals and transform your vehicle into a mobile advertising machine. With the help of Fender’s Automotive Center, your decal advertising message will surely stand out in the marketplace. And all this impact for pennies on the dollar compared to other advertising mediums. Vehicle decals are essentially large graphic stickers that produce amazing advertising results.
One of the most cost effective ways to reach your target audience is through a professionally designed and implemented Fleet Vehicle Graphic Program. Because vehicle wraps and decals are a powerful marketing tool. Not to mention it’s a good way for a company to make a strong impression on clients and prospects. Because you create a mobile billboard that reaches countless prospects once your vehicle is decaled in your custom message and imagery.
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Fleet Graphics & Decals

We can never overestimate the value of widespread name recognition. Companies have empowered their sales force by transforming their vehicles into powerful communication tools. More importantly, they can reach customers in every market they serve.

Commercial Trucks

From cut logo decals, lettering and striping to bold and colourful graphics, we produce distinctive graphics that enhance an organizations image.

Service Vehicles

Vehicle graphics provide an opportunity to link companies with the quality work they do. Doing so while advertising their business to thousands of potential new customers.

Recreational Vehicles

From custom graphics to factory decals, we can repair or replace almost anything using the industry’s leading brands of vinyl media. Our goal is to promptly respond to your graphic and decal needs. And we do this with unique and professional solutions. Read our blog post about decal replacement!

Semi Trucks and Trailers

The average long haul truck will generate from 50,000 to 70,000 potential vehicle graphic impressions each day! And doing so while it carries products across the country. Vehicle graphic images can measure up to 53 feet wide and 8 feet tall, so these mobile billboards simply can’t be missed.

Transit Vehicles

Buses, taxis, trains and planes can all benefit from the power of professional vehicle graphic decals. Because organization branding, product advertising, vehicle identification and safety enhancement are ways we help transit fleets succeed.
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