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class A Motorhomes
Class A Motorhomes

If it’s a big RV, square & boxy, and looks similar to a transit bus, then it’s a Class A motorhome. Class A Motorhomes often has a reputation for being the most luxurious and expensive of vehicles. It has a solid body with the driving area integrated into the standard living accommodation. This style of motorhome will have a large and expansive front window which offers a good view of the road and surrounding landscape. Berths convert from lounge or dinette areas.

class b Motorhomes
Class B Motorhomes

A Class B motorhome is also referred to as a low profile or semi-integrated motorhome. It is built in the same way as a Class C motorhome, except no berths are provided over the cab area. Using a cargo van as the base, they can range from nothing more than installing some amenities within the undisturbed confines of a van to using the same cut-off van of the Class C. As a result, the overall height of this motorhome is lower than a Class C. There is usually a fixed double bed in rear of the vehicle.

class C Motorhomes
Class C Motorhomes

These vehicles make use of a standard cargo van as the driving portion of the RV Ford Econoline and Chevrolet Express being the most common. This provides better access to the cab portion from the outside, since there are entry doors on both sides. A Class C motorhome may also be known as coach built. It has a trailer- or caravan-style body which is mounted onto a van or truck chassis. There is usually a double berth over the driving cab.

travel trailer Motorhomes
Travel Trailers

The most common RV is the Travel Trailer. Because they come in endless sizes and many feature garages, roof top patios, bay windows, fireplaces, offices, hideaway beds, expanding sides, and lowering roofs. These compact homes can be towed by a car, SUV or pick-up truck and hauled all over the country.  So if you can dream it, chances are someone has already built a travel trailer to suit your needs.

fifth wheel Motorhomes
Fifth Wheel Trailer

The spacious Fifth Wheels Trailer is towed by pick-up trucks using a special fifth wheel hitch. Known for high ceilings, lots of slide-out rooms and split level design, they’re the most spacious RVs available. But don’t let the size intimidate you, these comfortable RVs are easy to handle. Depending on the province you can even tow behind your Fifth wheel trailer.

hybrid camper Motorhomes
Hybrid Travel Trailer

The hybrid travel trailer is a cross between a hard-sided travel trailer and a tent camping trailer. It’s ends will pull out to offer more sleeping room. It’s lighter, often more affordable and can be towed by many popular family vehicles like mini-vans or SUVs.

tent camping trailer Motorhomes
Tent Camping Trailer

Known as pop-up’s and fold-down trailers, these versatile, hard-working tent camping trailers have been a feature in many family histories. They are often bought as a first trailer, are lightweight enough to be towed by virtually any car and can be found in many lengths with options such as hot water, refrigerator, air conditioning and washrooms.

truck camper Motorhomes
Truck Camper

The Truck Camper RV gives you all the convenience and benefits of a trailer. But still lets you take full advantage of your pickup truck’s towing abilities. Because it’s designed to sit in the truck bed with all the conveniences of a larger RV. Meanwhile, your truck is free to tow boats, car carriers, ATVs, snowmobiles or even a horse trailer.

toy hauler Motorhomes
Toy Hauler

The Toy Hauler RV is aptly named. Also know as a sport-utility RV, it allows you and your toys to travel to your favourite off-road destinations without leaving behind the comforts of home. Beds, dinettes and couches are typically designed to fold up against interior walls of the Toy Hauler RV. Because that way it maximize rear cargo space for off-road vehicles such as ATVs, dirt bikes, jet skis, canoes, snowmobiles or motorcycles. But what really distinguishes the Toy Hauler from other RVs is a swing-down ramp that gives you easy access to all the fun.
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